Power With Durability

Top of the line trucks for drivers and business operators.

The Hino 700 Series heavy duty range gets the job done. It has the ultimate combination of Japanese engineering and build quality and European levels of comfort, safety equipment and lifesaving technologies.

The 700 Series has a purpose design driveline employing the ever reliable and efficient Hino 13litre 410Hp, 450Hp engines.


Designed to deliver high output and excellent fuel efficiency.

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The cabin environment is designed to contribute to the reduction of driver fatigue. The cabin space has a premium feel and advanced functionality, assisting driver comfort whether driving or resting.

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The Hino 700 Series has been designed for maximum driver comfort, no matter how harsh the working conditions.

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In addition to delivering safety functions and driver support, a range of other features provide a first-class experience.

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Hino's top of the line trucks for drivers and business operators.

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